Nawodnienie - czym i jak si臋 nawodni膰 w czasie upa艂贸w?

There will be nothing revealing in the statement that a person consists of water in about 50-70% of body weight, that water is necessary for life, that you need to drink water regularly.

Hydration of the body plays an extremely important role in our functioning.

Water is an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of the body. Water is essential in the processes of construction, thermoregulation, digestion and protection. Its lack has a very negative effect on the work of all internal organs, skin and brain. In the case of the latter, the loss of as little as 2% of water has a negative impact on cognitive functions, memory, orientation and understanding. Without food, a person can survive a dozen or even several dozen days. Lack of water is harmful after 2-3 days.

Hydration of the body is not only water. These are primarily mineral salts and microelements. Washing out of sodium and the lack of its replenishment leads to hypotonic dehydration. It doesn’t always mean not enough water. Isotonic dehydration is characterized by the loss of both electrolytes and water from the body. Hypertonic dehydration, on the other hand, is associated with a negative water balance in the body.

How to recognize dehydration of the body?

The basic symptoms of dehydration are:

dry mouth – tongue and mucous membranes, thirst, dizziness. In acute dehydration, diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, dry skin, cardiac arrhythmias occur.

How to recognize dehydration of the body?

Correct habits, about proper hydration, parents are the first to give us. The habits of parents shape the habits of young people and adults in the future. Studies show that more than half of the world’s children are dehydrated. This condition is caused not only by bad habits, but also by environmental problems, such as limited access to drinking and clean water, lack of education and awareness. A similar percentage of adolescents show insufficient hydration.

Lack of adequate hydration

results in reduced concentration, which in turn negatively affects cognitive functions and the learning process. Increasing hydration resulted in significant improvements in alertness, concentration, and cognitive function.

What is the daily water requirement?

In adults, the daily requirement for water, with moderate physical activity and moderate temperature, is 2 liters. Water from food and solid foods is not included in this balance. Research shows that most adults are not properly hydrated. The reasons for this are various: limited water intake, excessive consumption of dehydrating beverages (strong tea, coffee), coexistence of diseases, increased physical activity.

Negative effects of dehydration

Negative effects appear with approx. 3% loss of water from the body.

  • They manifest themselves in the form of nausea, headaches, lack of concentration, reduced memory and association efficiency. It leads to disorientation, sleep disorders and other vital functions. The study proved that women are less tolerant of dehydration than men.
  • Dehydration in the elderly is the main reason for hospitalization – about 50% of patients. In the elderly, water loss occurs due to natural causes. In addition, thirst and appetite are reduced. The reason for this is often limited fitness or disability.
  • The occurrence of disease states also negatively affects the state of hydration of the body in the elderly. Taking drugs with a natriuretic effect also causes significant fluid loss in the body.
  • Dehydration in the elderly impairs physiological processes, thought processes (memory, concentration, orientation, association), vision, balance, skin, well-being (dizziness, headaches). Studies have shown that mild to moderate dehydration causes these conditions.
Jakie jest dzienne zapotrzebowanie na wod臋?

Who is at increased risk of dehydration?

In the group of increased risk of dehydration – apart from small children and the elderly – there are athletes and above-average physically active people. In this group, water loss occurs primarily in the process of thermoregulation and regeneration processes after training or increased energy expenditure.

Proper hydration is influenced by the quality of fluid intake and the way it is taken. Drinking a large amount of fluid at one time does not significantly affect hydration. Water should be taken often, in small portions. The feeling of thirst is already the first sign of dehydration.

What drinks should I drink to stay hydrated?

Water devoid of trace elements and mineral salts is not a proper drink.

You should choose slightly mineralized waters with low sodium content. Water with a pH above 7.5 is best absorbed – it penetrates the cells more easily and oxygenates better. They properly hydrate聽isotonic drinks, herbal infusions (mint, lemon balm), fruits that also contain microelements.

The most important of these are electrolytes. They are an essential component of the proper functioning of the heart, brain, internal organs and skin. They maintain the proper tension of cell membranes involved in the transmission of nerve impulses.

The table below presents the basic electrolytes and their tasks.

The basic component of plasma
Regulates blood pressure
Regulates the volume of fluids in the body
Responsible for osmotic balance
Together with potassium, it regulates acid-base balance
Together with potassium, it is responsible for the proper conduction of nerve impulses
It reduces the volume of extracellular fluids
Regulates the pH level
It is responsible for regulating the water level in the body
It is responsible for the proper conduction of impulses
Responsible for muscle contraction
The main building block of bones and teeth
Responsible for blood clotting
It is regulated by the thyroid and parathyroid glands
Together with calcium, it is a building block of bones and teeth
Participates in blood clotting
Participates in muscle contraction
A catalyst for many enzymes
Participates in thermoregulation processes
Participates in the regulation of blood pressure
Chloride and phosphate ions
Negatively charged ions:
They participate in the regulation of water and electrolyte management
They participate in the regulation of acid-base balance
They regulate the economy of sodium ions

The basic cause of disturbances in the electrolyte balance is an improper diet and dehydration. The effects of disturbances in this economy – in extreme cases – can lead to a threat to life or the occurrence of serious diseases.

Jakie napoje pi膰, aby utrzyma膰 odpowiedni stan nawodnienia organizmu?

Proper hydration is physical and mental health!

Proper hydration is not only about mental and physical health. It also looks beautiful. Our skin is a reflection of our health. It is our largest organ. It is a filter, protection and decoration. The first sign of skin dryness is a noticeable state of its tension, itching, irritation. Many conditions have an adverse effect on the skin: diabetes, psoriasis, acne, allergies, eczema, thyroid disorders.

Taking care of your skin is not just a visual fad but a sign of health.

Hydration of the skin and hydration of the body.

Moisturizing takes place inside and out. The use of a proper diet and hydration of the body as well as proper care are the basis for caring for our protective shield, which is the skin. Appropriate hydration is to retain moisture in the skin and ensure proper thermoregulation and prevent excessive water loss. The elasticity and density of the skin protects against mechanical damage.

Water with an acidic pH below 7 is more suitable for external skin care. It has antiseptic properties. It is indicated for washing and disinfecting wounds, care for purulent lesions.

Prawid艂owe nawodnienie to zdrowie fizyczne i psychiczne!
Proper hydration is physical and mental health!

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