Czym jest odporność i jak o nią zadbać?

Immunity – a set of mechanisms designed to protect against the harmful effects of pathogens. The immune system is a collection of organs, tissues and cells. They are designed to maintain the health balance of the body.

The first line of defense is the skin, nasal cavity, oral cavity and eyes. Infection is most common in these ways. It is impossible to eliminate bacteria and viruses from our environment. It is possible to strengthen our immunity.

Let’s start with the mouth

The toothpastes we use are of great importance for oral hygiene and immunity. Sunshine Brite toothpaste neutralizes the action of most bacteria in the oral cavity. Then the digestive system: we are what we eat.

A daily dose of vitamins and minerals allows you to maintain balance – including immune balance. There are many medical and scientific studies describing the daily doses of minerals and vitamins that should be absorbed – from food or in the form of supplements. However, the intake of the necessary amount of micronutrients with food is not possible. Therefore, supplementation is necessary.

Resilience – what is necessary?

For immunity, the following are necessary: vitamins: A, C, D, B vitamins and microelements: zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, selenium.

  • Maintaining a balance of vitamins and trace elements is of fundamental importance in building and maintaining immunity.
Odporność - co jest niezbędne?

And immunity is crucial in susceptibility to illness and the course of the disease – our well-being during its duration and the duration of the disease.

With the modern pace of life and the way of eating, or rather the quality of products, it is not possible to provide the diet with the necessary ingredients in the required dose. Therefore, supplementation is necessary.

But what preparations should you take to take care of your immunity?

First of all, checked, researched and from a reliable source. These are nature’s Sunshine preparations. They are accredited by the NSF and TGA as well as by the Polish Society of Sports Medicine.

Let’s take care of your health and immunity today:


Pro B11 (90 kaps.) Nature's Sunshine NSP Polska

Bifidophilus bacteria

Bakterie Bifidophilus nature's sunshine nsp polska

Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorofil w Płynie Nature's Sunshine


Czosnek Nature's Sunshine nsp polska

Olive leaf – extract

Liść Oliwny - Ekstrakt Nature's Sunshine nsp polska

Aloe juice

Sok aloesowy (946 ml.) Nature's Sunshine nsp polska

Calcium + Vitamin D

Wapń Plus Witamina D nature's sunshine

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids

Witamina C z bioflawonoidami Nature's Sunshine

Vitamins and minerals – Super Complex

super complex

Immune Formula

Immune Formula ( 90 kaps.) Nature's Sunshine NSP Polska

There is no guarantee that we will not succumb to the disease by taking supplements, but there is a guarantee that it will be easier for our body to cope with the disease if we provide it with the necessary substances to fight it.

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Conscious man - aware of the value of health and the need to take care of health. I prefer prevention. How do I do it? - conscious supplementation of the daily diet with the best supplements. Independent distributor of Nature's Sunshine products. Both me and my whole family use NSP supplements and cosmetics on a regular basis.


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